Good News to Followers :)

I will be going back to school to get my degree in Diet & Nutrition! I will be a full fledged Nutritionist :) Yay

Im Baaaack :)

Hello All,

I have returned from my Long as ever Tumblr absence. But I am back in full swing starting tonight. I hope you have all enjoyed the last few months and I would love to hear what you all are up to. Here are a few new things about me..

  • In August, I moved from Michigan to Ohio to stay with my husband’s retired mother so I could help her plan her wedding and so she could help me with my (then 3 month old) baby girl.
  • **Wife Brag** My husband graduated from Army boot camp, AIT, and Army Airborne school. He is now a sexy hunk of Parachutin’ soldier :)
  • After Christmas we moved to North Carolina where we live now. I like it a lot here. The weather is gorgeous!
  • My daughter, Isla Sophia, turned 9 months old on Saturday — dang time flies when you’re having fun!

I am still in the quest to lose my (god dang, mother effing, every other swear word) baby weight, and I am having a hell of a time trying. But I will keep everyone in the loop and I am going to buckle down. My current weight is somewhere in the 190 range.. I need to jump on a scale to be sure… But I want to lose 40-50lbs in the next 4-6 months at least so we will see. My first objective — drink only water. The stress from being away from my husband with a newborn, I had some family issues, and overall not being very dedicated hasn’t helped my case but I am here to pledge to be better. For myself — and because my husband has been “bulking up” and he is looking mighty sexy and I want to get in on the sexiness haha :)


Stay Healthy! Stay Happy! And I hope to hear from you all about what I have missed :) 

— Kate

"I changed my life!" 

     -Regina Potasnik 

Congrats, Girl! Feel free to tell us more of your story! :)

Get your work out out of the way as soon as possible! Cheers, 

Whole Wheat Junkie 

Any Mommy Followers out there?

A friend of mine and I have started a Mommy blog and are trying to get it off the ground… I will be running contests and giveaways once we have more people and more web traffic. Join it! And tell your Mommy friends!

Quite possibly the most difficult job that a woman can have — Motherhood, is a joy and a blessing. But some things, like added weight during pregnancy, stretch marks, and a hectic schedule make ‘mommy hood’ a lot to handle. This group was created as a place for us Moms to share tips, recipes, ideas, and even swap or sell baby goods, so feel free to post away or even ask questions. Always remember, “Being a mother is an attitude, not a biological relation.”